WordPress Theme Frameworks - anyone experienced using them?

Hi all, taking a WordPress course and it gave two recommendations for Theme Frameworks.

One is the Genesis Framework and the second is the Canvas Framework.

Anyone with some experience have any comments or advice about these? Maybe you can suggest another that you like to use?


Hi Rick.

My name is Ron. I did quite a bit of work on a WordPress site this last year. The customer used the Genesis Framework and the free Sample child framework that comes with the basic Genesis package.

Honestly, as a programmer other than figuring out how to hook my code in, I didn’t have to touch the Genesis framework too much. I probably worked with it more just doing research leading up to the project than I did coding. In what I saw, it is a pretty impressive framework. It handles a lot of tasks and setups that the standard Wordpress doesn’t…at least not out of the box.

I’ll just say this, at one time I was considering making my focus the WordPress world, and if I did, I was going to make Genesis my goto framework. I just felt it would save me a lot of time as a developer and they have really good themes available.

Hope that helps somewhat. I am by no means a WordPress expert. I just learned enough to get my project done!



Good morning Ron, and Happy New Year! Thanks for the reply. I do not intend to make WordPress my main focus either, but I am of the opinion that CMS’s should not be completely ignored, and as WordPress is the most popular by far, I’d try and pick up a good understanding of it. I looked over the Lynda.com library and they have 10 separate courses on the Genesis framework and none on the other, so that framework also seems to be very popular. So I think I will probably follow your example and make Genesis my go-to framework.

Cheers and thanks again for the reply.

Thank you letting us know man. I really appreciate it.