Wordpress themes: Divi or GeneratePress?

I’m trying to choose between those two themes (premium versions). Thinking in the long term, I want to keep my blog as clean and professional as possible.

Any suggestions, experiences, pros, cons, etc… will be welcomed.

For a blog, GeneratePress looks better, but I haven’t used it. I would suggest you try the free version first.

I know I looked at Divi many years ago, and it was a kitchen sink theme and was big and slow.

Are you sure you need WordPress? There are plenty of good free options for blogs (Site generators, themes, and hosting).

I have been using generate press all almost all type of blog site. It always stand for its speed, performance, computability, ease to use.

Kind of using WP for a long time. Choosing theme depends on your choice and needs. GeneratePress and Divi both is good but what matter is what you like. For me GeneratePress is good for blog, magazines and Divi is more customisable than that. I prefer Elementor friendly site when I am doing it for myself cause it’s easy and have great community.

Using Elementor and Addon pack you can create Simple, Animated(If you wish) and Easy usable website like Dev Rahman haha I have tried both of them for this domain but laterly liked hello elementor and Astra(Currently Using)