Wordpress: widgets are not displayed

I developed the search and category widgets(wordpress) and these work quite on localhost but are not displayed on the shared host/server. I also changed the PHP version of the host, but it did not work.
What could be the reasons for these problems?

How did you build the widgets? With a plugin? Did you upload the plugin to a a website and activate it?

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I used this example to implement a widget inside the theme.

Ok, so whatever WordPress functions you use to develop it, where did you put it? Did you add it to a template on your local machine or into a PHP file you created and added the file to a plugin folder that you also created? In either case, you have to upload that to the theme on the live site. And you would want to create a plugin for that, not add it to a template file. Did you add it to functions.php on your local machine?

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