Words recopying by themselves

Does anyone else have problems with the text recopying itself after being deleted? For instance: I write: “border-radius” and push space and it goes: “border-radiusradius.” So I delete the extra “radius” and it automatically goes: “border- radiusradiusradius.” Can anyone tell me how to stop it? This is very frustrating and I can’t get anywhere when I can’t even delete my mistake.

What editor are you using?

Yeah the editor is extremely janky sometimes. Are you on a mobile device? It generally fails to work properly for me on my phone, to the point of it being almost unusable, as you describe. I think the way the code editor works is that the text isn’t being deleted - so that you can undo things, the JS hijacks the way text editing normally works on a device, and just hides, rather than actually deleting, so you tend to get very wierd errors when the device’s system-level tools interact badly with that.

Reason I ask if you’re on a mobile device is that AFAIK most of these issues tend to be to do with the input method editors (ie software keyboards, generally) on mobile devices interacting badly with the JavaScript in-browser code editor (Codemirror) - for example, this is an open issue from 2015 https://github.com/codemirror/CodeMirror/issues/3530#event-666890815

Simplest fix is to not use a mobile device, unfortunately.

Yes, I’m on a mobile device. I suspected that was the problem but I was afraid that even if I switched to a computer this would continue. Thanks for your help. I guess I need to pick up my computer and go from there.