Work with fCC beta or not?

Beta has more projects, will my current progress stay when beta is released. Shall I work with beta?

Beta is definetely more extended and updated than the regular course. I swapped when I was doing JS and don’t regret it.

Progress won’t be saved when they release it but you can save it locally on your files and then resubmit it when its live.

One thing I would say though is that projects are more demanding and complicated, you have to meet more requirements to pass them. But that is just great training for the workplace I guess. For example the beta javascript calculator has a lot more validation required(no leading zeroes, no double ‘.’ on one individual number, no double operators…).

That being said, It’s a lot of fun!

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re: the Beta

Most questions about the beta can be answered in this thread. If you have any other questions, please try searching the forum.