Working code but challenge not completed

I was doing the challenge and when i test it localy it is working. I mean the json returned change according to value of the environnement variable. But when I deploy it , freecodecamp is telling me that the challenge is not completed. When I read the hint , it is the same code i have.

Please tell my what i did wrong. Thank you .

MY github repo link

repo: GitHub - MansourWolou/expressChallenge: freecodecamp challenge on enxpressJs
commit: 193e1bc8be05152abb2346dea0f2747ad8547495

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Challenge: Use the .env File

Link to the challenge:

Images are not very helpful. In the future, please post your code instead. A link to a GitHub repo works as well.

The default message should be Hello json, not hello json. Also just to be sure, you have to use the root URL when submitting, not the /json URL path.


I’v did it . I modified the post and change the reponse object as you can see in my github. On local the code is perfectly working but the challenge is not completed

Now you have Hello World as the string for the message, that isn’t what the challenge requirement is asking for.

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