Working for a company in a different country?

I’m new to coding and tempted by the idea of dedicating the time and effort to do this for a living, and living somewhere I’m not fluent in the language working online would be great!

Just wondering how many people out there are either travelling, living off grid or living abroard who have found work online coding for someone or somewhere in a different country?

Not knowing the job field that well yet I’m just checking that this is feasible. I really enjoy coding and would love to work online and not depend on location for my income.

Anyone else out there?

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If you want to start making money online, go ahead. You first need to determine the type of activity, and then look for work. There are many works on the Internet where you can work remotely.

I have no idea what other peoples experiences are but I taught myself for a year while I was still working a full time job. After my very first job I did on upwork (a site to help connect freelancers) I was offered a trial and then a full time position for 40 hrs a week at ~50000 usd a year as a remote role. The employer was really helpful and flexible. I turned the job down for a local job(better career prospects) but it seems like there are definitely opportunities there.

Expat in Tokyo here.

I know a lot of developers here who can barely have a chat in a bar, yet make good money working for local companies. Even many major Japanese companies seek foreign software developers and require little-to-no Japanese ability from them for certain developer roles. As for remote opportunities, there isn’t anything in particular about being located in Japan that might increase or decrease the number of opportunities, except that some companies hiring for remote positions require you be within a certain number of time zones of the physical headquarters, for teleconference availability and such.