Working in Europe(not european)

How should i approach getting a job in Europe if in from Argentina,South America,i have some experience but no idea,i sent my cv to some companies but i only get an auto rejection mail

almost a year doing web dev(react,javascript,html,css and abit of database queries with mysql )
a year of internship doing basically the same as above

I don’t care much about the country,the economy here is so bad i want to get out

website >
Maybe contact someone with Linkedin?has anyone here done this before?

You probably need to be a bit more specific here – you make it sound like you’re just applying anywhere in Europe. Europe is massive. The country you’re from in South America is going to have an enormous effect on where in Europe you can practically apply to work, so as I say, a bit more info would help people who know anything about markets for jobs in specific countries

thanks,i will put more info

Please, am feeling to volunteer for a project, if you need developer in java, html, or phython, i am so so available for free