Working on a JavaScript audio player

An audio player that will fetch the audio from the database and play it with full functionality

Can you post a link to your existing code, so we can see what you have accomplished so far?

Okay check the index and home

I am not going to go through your entire project code, so you need to tell us which file(s) has the relevant code you need help with.

Also, you need to be very specific in what you mean by fetch the audio. What initiates this fetch?

What does full functionality mean?

The home page have the interface of the music player… The problem is how to get the audio from the database, but am still setting up the database, I find this difficult to do that’s why I step down for the database now, to get more information on how to fetch the audio before I proceed

Full functionality in the case of having a control button for volume and to add to playlist, fetching in the case of getting the audio from that database rather than embedding it on the page to avoid being slow

What were you thinking about using to try an fetch data from the database?

What server-side language do you plan to use which will interact with the database?

What kind of database are you using?

Do you have any experience with databases in general? Which ones?

Since we have no idea what background you have with respect to these questions, it is very difficult to guide you.

  1. fetching the audio from the database rather than embedding it on the page will make it slow and not dynamic
  2. php is the serve side language I tend to use, but on laravel
    3)I have a little knowledge on database

Sorry for the typo error, what I mean is that if I fetch the data from database is going to make the page fast and more dynamic, rather than embedding it on the page I want it to display