Working on a SAAS, having some issues

Hi community,
I am Danish arora, came here to seek help on a topic. Actually I am working on a SAAS just to demonstrate my skills, I am doing this because I don’t want another instagram or netflix clone on my portfolio.
Here I am having a little knowledge issue, so that’s why I am here. The saas idea is a public blog, but It has a feature that has never been implemented by anyone, I mean that’s what I think. You see, I am using mdx to let users write blog. If you think why not just use markdowns then the answer lies in the feature that I am trying to add. The feature is that to add interactivity to a blog. For example, you would be able to build a chat box in a whole blog. This is easily possible with the help of mdx compiler as it allows React based JSX components to markdowns.
But here the thing lies. I am creating the library which will let users to create, test and publish those components to our blog’s library. I have successfully let developers to create and test their components, but I am stuck on publish command of our blog library’s cli.
The problem here is that I don’t know how we can use CDN for webpack compiled javascript and embed it in mdx’s react based component or mdx itself.

I would really appericiate if someone would help me over come my nightmare.
Danish arora.

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