Working on different computers

Hey guys, I’ve been doing the course from different computers and I’ve noticed that if I make progress in one computer, when I go ahead and want to start working where I left off I actually get sent to where I left of in that particular PC. This is getting kind of annoying since I’m working in a challenge and whenever I switch it keeps sending me back and I can’t see what I was doing the day before, kinda messes up with my workflow and the ideas I was working on.

So I was wondering if this is working as intended or is it a bug? Maybe there is a workaround I don’t know of?
Any help/tips are appreciated.

I use Dropbox, and inside the Dropbox folder on my local machines I have a “workspace” folder, and I create my projects inside there. This way everything stays sync’ed…


Your completed exercises are associated with your profile and can be accessed anywhere. Your in-progress code for a challenge is only stored in your browser cache. Not only will you not see it on another computer, but if you clean up you cache the in-progress code will be lost. I strongly advise saving in-progress code. is not only a great tool for working on a challenge with easy console access, but allows you to save sessions. This is also a great time to get to know your GitHub account. Even if using Git intimidates you at this point, you can use Gists to save code snippets.


I like both of this ideas, thanks, going to start pushing my progress into GitHub to get to know it better

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Excellent idea!
Git and Github in Plain English is a good place to start if you’re still wrapping your head around the conceptual model.