Working on FCC in the military

What’s up fellow campers! I was majoring in computer science in the US, but then I had to go back to my country to serve in the military, and I’m currently an active soldier. It was kinda sad when I got letter from the country, but I decided to live to the fullest and teach myself to become a developer. The frustrating moment was when I found out that hours I can use for studying is very limited. I’m writing this post cuz I got extra time after finishing survey form project. Hope I can get through all the difficulties and become a good developer after being discharged! If I can do this , you guys can do this! We got this!



Im currently, active duty, going to school for CS, and doing freecodecamp in my spare time for fun/practice! I am to also aiming be a developer once I get out.

Sorry to hear that you got pulled away to serve, a good friend of mine had a similar thing happen to him in Israel. I know it can be disheartening. But I am glad you can still find ways to keep learning!

Stay safe out there man, best of luck with your programming as well.


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Great: both army and learning, is all about training
Just carry on with your subjects by doing exercises
You don’t need knowledge, just training
One day all the exercise you did will come at hand
Best luck

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I’m really happy to see someone who’s in the same situation with me! I’m serving military in South Korea. Are you serving in Israel?
BTW Hope we both can become a good developer once we get out. Cheers! and stay safe!

Thanks for the advice! I hope you the best of luck!