Working on Metric Converter and cant get convert methods to pass

i am on iteration 4 of this attempt at this converter and i think i have most of the algorithms. I thnk i covered most of the error cases as well. What is crazy is that it is not passing the 3 tests that i thought would pass easiest, which is the actual number conversion. i am logging inputs and i cant tell why they are not passing as it looks like it is all functional to the tests.

any help would be appreciated.

below is my replit

I cant figure out why some of my challenges are failing. To me, it seems as if i should be passing everything except for the functional tests.

im stumped

i have every test passing except the ‘lbs to kg’ test.

As it is right now, i have it converting exactly as everything else. But then i noticed that it says that it should convert to

’ Failed:You can convert 'lbs' to 'kg' and vice versa. (1 lbs to 0.453592 kg)’

which is 6 past the decimal point. so i tried adding the code below as the convert function

this.convert = function(initNum, initUnit) {
    const galToL = 3.78541;
    const lbsToKg = 0.453592;
    const miToKm = 1.60934;
    const init = initUnit
    let result
    if(init == 'lbs' || init == 'kg'){
        case 'kg':
          result = initNum/lbsToKg.toFixed(6);
        case 'lbs':
          result = initNum*lbsToKg.toFixed(6);
      return parseFloat(result.toFixed(6))
    } else {
      case 'gal':
        result = initNum*galToL.toFixed(5);
      case 'L':
        result = initNum/galToL.toFixed(5);
      case 'mi':
        result = initNum*miToKm.toFixed(5);
      case 'km':
        result = initNum/miToKm.toFixed(5);
        return undefined;

    return parseFloat(result.toFixed(5))

but it still failed

i have no idea. I may skip trying to figure out this last test and move to the next challenge and see if what i learn in them helps with this one.


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