Working on my PORTFOLIO , feedback required please

im not done yet but i need some assistance on my Portfolio

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First complete the all the part paragraph align and icons along with colour, animation other stuff. I think it will better one u done all of the things u wanna add on profile for feedback.
For now, it seems pretty good to me.

I’ve looked over your site and the source files, and I would suggest the following:

  1. Change the font-family.

  2. The navigation isn’t really user friendly. At first look, one can’t tell what “H”, “S”, “P”, “A” and “C” stand for without actually clicking on the hamburger menu which in my opinion shouldn’t be like that. If you want to keep the sidebar navigation instead of a horizontal navigation bar then I would suggest either naming the navigation links fully instead of initials or using icons for home, contact, about etc.

  3. The navigation sidebar is overlapping on the content of the page making it difficult to read the content of the paragraphs. So better add some margins on the sides of those paragraphs.

  4. The transitions that you have applied in the “Technologies I use and study” part, are only one-way i.e. when you hover over them they are transitioning to a bigger width but are not transitioning to a smaller width when you are no longer hovering over it. I found the culprit for this in the div.img:hover selector. You aren’t supposed to add transition duration in the hover state but instead you should add transition: width 0.3s; in the div.img selector.

  5. The font-color of the placeholder text in the contact form should be a bit more lighter, so that it is easily visible.

  6. Also change the cursor to pointer when hovering over the hamburger menu.

These are my suggestions. Hope it will help. If I find anything else I would add to it.

noted thank you for feedback i will work on that

thank you very much . let me try and work on everything uyou have mentioned

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A few more things :

  1. I saw in the source file that to add space between the different divs you were using line breaks. Why use line-breaks when you can use padding or margins instead. Plus, using margins/padding instead of line breaks would put all the styling in the css file.

  2. The animation of the h3 element is also taking a bit long to finish. I mean 6s is a bit too long in my opinion. Shorten it up to 3-4s.
    Additionally, you could also make the h1 and h3 items’ initial opacity to be zero and as they come in to the center of the page their opacity becomes 1 making them fade in.

  3. Add some padding and contrasting shadow to the hamburger menu. The hamburger menu becomes almost invisible when it is over the “Services” section due to the black background. This is why either change the color of the hamburger menu or add some contrasting shadow to it.

Hope you don’t get annoyed by so many points :sweat_smile:.

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didnt see all those… thank you very much, you are a great mentor

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I like what you are trying to do but i would look for clearer unpixelated images.
I also think that the first animation on the very top of the page is too slow.
Under services the animations of web design,web development are quite too big.
Under projects and about the centered texts are too wide.

I like the animations that you have applied.
I generaly like the idea you are going for but i also think that your designs are a bit too ambitious for your design capabilities(I am not trying to down you) its not a bad thing, i would like you to consider making your images and texts smaller thinner and make an overall cleaner looking site.


thank you ill take note of everthing you mentioned

Getting security alert on Chrome (phishing alert). You sure your page is safe?


yes i just noticed it happened to me earlier today i dont know how to fix it, but its safe anyway

Unfortunate I cannot proceed further. The alert keeps popping up despite pressing ‘visit the site anyway’.

Here are my suggestions. I hope they help!

Nav Bar – if you use just icons, you should always have a text description when hovering. This is for ease of understanding but also an Accessibility thing for people that can’t see that use screen readers.

The pagination doesn’t go all the way to the bottom. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and you will see that the envelope icon doesn’t highlight when there.

Services – you need to have the text on the right aligned to the middle of the image. Good job on the movement.

Projects – I would space things out a little more vertically.

About – you need to bring in the text from how close it is to the sides with like padding.

Contact – I think that you should make the form bigger and more readable. Same suggestion as before with the icons.

Overall – it looks good, but I would create a color theme from one of your images so that all the colors work really good together. I have a lot of color tools on my site if you want to check it out to help you.

Great job!

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