Working On my Third Program, Help

Hi! I am very new to Python and I am trying to write a program that is just a little past the ‘Hello World Stage’ (but not much)

The program I am attempting to write will ask (What is your name?)

Then depending on your answer will give you different outcomes.

These are:

If name==Steve

Print(‘Steve nobody likes you, Go Away!)


If name==Louise

Print (Hi Louise! What did you have for breakfast?)


If bkf==(Ham and Egg Sandwich)

Print(Good Choice!)

If bkf == anything else

Print(Louise you should have had a Ham and Egg Sandwich)


If name==Jim

Print (Hi Jim what did you weigh this morning?)


If Wgt is 200 or less

Print (Good work keep it up)

If Wgt greater than 200

Print(Jim get your ass to the gym)


If name ==(any other name besides Steve, Louise, or Jim)

Print (Hello +name+ it is good to meet you)

an example of this would greatly help me past this first hurdle

If you share your code and describe what problems you’re having, we can try to help.

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