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I am in Chrome working on the survey form and I am missing the green hamburger sign. I have checked my Chrome cookies settings - again, so am I missing something else? A different copy paste item? Thanks

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Challenge: Build a Survey Form

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Hi @juliakajill!

What I see from your code is you have an incomplete survey form. You need to complete all the “user stories” in order to pass the test.

Before you jump back on code, please go to settings in < js and paste the following link. It will help you to look for the mistakes, you are doing.


I have that link copied and pasted in my html at the top. I just started my survey and know it is not near completion, but I am missing the hamburger code (have already checked Chrome and added so that I can run the tests. How can I get my hamburger menu on (it’s not be there from beginning)?

You can’t just put a link to a script on the page like that. It needs to be on a <script> element.

<script src=""></script>

Or better yet, do what @eklavyasharma said and add it to the pen Settings.

Click the Settings button > Go to the JS section > paste the link in one of the bottom boxes.

Just don’t add it to both the HTML and the settings, do one or the other.

Will this make it so every time I start a new pen it adds this script that has the hamburger menu and allow me to run the tests? Would I need to delete this link if not doing free code camp challenges?

I added what you said to the JS settings and it seems to be working. Thanks

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Not necessary, this script applies to the only code you are working on.