Working With CodePen How to Start

Questions that everyone else seems to know the answers to (but me :sweat_smile:):

How to create a web page in CodePen?
How to monitor the page while I am working?
How to place the page on the Internet?

The very, very basics…I know…sorry about that.

while you have a live version, it is still inside codepen. If you want a page with its own unique url, or at least without the surrounding frame, there is more to learn - but to give you a direction, github pages does that.

use the button to create a new pen, write your code in the approrpiate boxes.
the preview will update as you write stuff there.

to have the full page view, choose full page from the View menu - you will see your page at full screen. You can submit the url of this page.

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I had the same questions :slight_smile:

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