Works in VSCode but not in freecodecamp?

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I’m getting “ReferenceError: assignment to undeclared variable sum” in the freecodecamp environment but it works in visual studio code.

I’ve found the solution that works for freecodecamp:

“const sum = second =>
typeof second === “number” ? args[0] + second : undefined
return sum”

can anyone explain the discrepancy and which version is more correct?

many thanks!

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function addTogether() {
let args = Array.from(arguments)
if (!args.every(elem => typeof(elem) === "number"))
  return undefined

if (args.length > 1)
  return args.reduce((acc, cur) => acc + cur)

return sum = second =>
  typeof second === "number" ? args[0] + second : undefined


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You can just return an anonymous function instead.

return second =>
    typeof second === "number" ? args[0] + second : undefined;