Works on glitch, but not accepted in fcc? get route parameter input from client

Please help?

I’ve tried both types of JSON responses:

app.get('/:word/echo', function(req, res, next) {
  let word = req.params.word;
  res.json({echo: word});
  //res.jsonp({echo: word});


** submission comments from FCC:
// running tests
// tests completed

*** error output from FCC
Test 1 : Your echo server should repeat words correctly
Test 2: Your echo server should repeat words correctly

*** Output on glitch is fine:

… actually --[found solution]-- changed browsers from existing Chrome & Firefox install to fresh (vanilla) install of Chromium for Linux - everything works fine. I had ‘no script’ and other extensions and plugins (for both Chrome & Firefox) preventing proper interaction with FCC & Glitch. Everything works clean now.