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This is just a suggestion. Some people including me have a secondary monitor. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could use our second monitor for the preview/console, instead of splitting our screen in half?
I really love this website as is and appreciate everything about it. But if this feature was added then the whole experience would go to another level.
Thank you for reading my suggestion!

No one has answered so I’ll take a shot, even though I’m probably not the best person to answer…

I think that would be fairly complicated to add in. I mean, how many apps do you know that work like that? Have multiple instances in different browser tabs talking to each other? I can’t think of one. I know it’s possible, but is the cost worth the benefit? I think most people are more interesting in getting bugs fixed and getting new content.

And I know guys that do professional web dev on a 15" laptop on the beach. I know having a lot of monitors is cool (I like it) but there is also something to be said for learning to make do with what you have. “More screen space” can become an addiction. At some point, nothing is enough. I know, I know, that’s an exaggeration, but there is a kernel of truth to it. And once you get beyond the sandbox portion, you can work in your own environment. For the first cert, you kind of need to do it in the sandbox, but by the second cert, anything that I couldn’t do in a few minutes I just worked on locally and then copied over my solution.

You can suggest it if you want, but those are my $.02. You can go here and make a feature request if you want.


Thank you for answering. I totally understand what you mean. And yes, I would like the bugs to be fixed first :slight_smile: . I’m not going to go there and make a feature request because I really can’t think of even one application out there that works like that, but thanks for providing the link. Who knows, maybe 10 years from now there will be plenty of online apps that work on different instances. I think that might be a good time to suggest it but for now I’ll just focus on learning here.

Welcome there,

This sounds a lot like a feature @moT01 has recently looked into. Tom, is this similar / the same?

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I mean, it is doable. It’s just a matter of time and effort and bandwidth, etc. Who knows, maybe it will be the next great thing. There’s nothing wrong with making the suggestion. Nothing great ever happened without someone thinking of something no one every thought of before.

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Yes, I am working on this - hopefully it is coming soon :wink:


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