World Cup Database: Coderoad Is Not Launching and Project Submission Issue

Hi there!

I successfully completed this project and I uploaded it into github for submission. But when I put the the github repo link, it says “You must complete the project first”، though I completed it (I clicked on the blue continue button and I have got the congrats blue box). So I decided to open the project again, but now even the project is not opening; the coderoad window keeps launching and never load the content as shown in the screenshot. I took the screenshot with the coderoad logs open (might help).


  • I already have the solution files in github.
  • I tried to open from multiple browsers with cookies allowed, so I signed in and out multiple times :slightly_smiling_face:.

I have read the troubleshooting post, I think only thing I can do is to delete the project from CodeAlly, and start it over as the solution files are already with me. I just want to know if better to do this or maybe there is another workaround to this issue.


If you go to the FCC Relational Databases main page and refresh the page with CTRL+F5 and then try to submit your repo link again, it might have updated and allow you to pass.

If not, and the course still won’t fully load either, you could try deleting the course container and starting afresh, pasting in your code from your repo and completing the steps again.

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Thank you!

I deleted the project from CodeAlly and start it over. Once I got the congrats blue box, I reloaded the page and finally got the checkmark. :grin: