World Cup Database - weird terminal behaviour

I am trying to do the above certification project. I have created the tables and populated the teams table. When I try to run this command:
select * from teams;

I get some rows and then a colon as shown in the screen shot below
If I press enter it shows one more row and eventually comes up with (END)
I cannot proceed thereafter

Please help

Here is the screenshot - sorry it is so big but I wanted to show it all in case that is helpful

Many thanks

it would be helpful (at least for me who is not familiar with this specific project) if you can include the link to the FCC project you were attempting.


Here is the link:

What happens if you make a smaller selection? like

select * from teams limit 5;

Then it’s fine. If I make the terminal panel high enough then I don’t have problem showing all 24 rows, but if I then select * from games (which has 32 rows) then the colon appears again because all rows can’t fit vertically in the panel

I believe in this case that the terminal is working as expected. (basically it is ‘paginating’ the results so they don’t just rush by you quickly)

Is this causing a problem for the exercise?

Not really. This behaviour has changed since yesterday I think. The only way I can get out of the (END) prompt is to press Q, which then removes all the results and just shows the last command entered. This makes checking my work very difficult (pain in the …) but it doesn’t actually stop the exercise from completing

oh i see. I think there is a way to redirect the output of the select to a file.
(I recall seeing that as I was googling select statements on postgresql)
Maybe you can find that command?

on second thoughts, my terminal doesn’t do that (though I didn’t try inside the sql terminal). Maybe you touched a setting that turned that on? It may be an accessibility setting.

edit: spoke too soon. I have the same behaviour in psql

I did that for the output on the bash terminal. Will look for the psql equivalent. Thank you for your help so far :slightly_smiling_face:

I completed the project and then went back into it and got the same behaviour. I then went to a previous teaching (not certification)

and ran select * from students; (which has 32 rows) and did not get the behaviour - it showed all 32 rows and no colon or (END)

I guess it must have something to do with the certification environment but I have no idea where to start looking for any settings, etc :neutral_face:

in the psql shell type this:

\o myOutput
select * from teams;

It should create a file with all the results