Worried about losing info

I am making my way through python on freecodecamp as well as py4e simultaneously. Its super awesome and im so glad that i learned javascript first as it helps greatly in understanding core concepts.

I am just worried i am going to lose knowledge of some of the advanced javascript features. I guess practice is key to remembering these things and them becoming second nature. Recently i went back through the d3 section and after a rough first day it all came back pretty quick.

I guess im just sharing that im worried about it

Sure, you’ll lose some information. You’re a human, not a computer. Fortunately we have google so it will be easy to find. Professional developers are looking things up on google, stack overflow, documentation, etc., … all … day … long.

So yeah, you’ll loose some ground if you don’t use it for a while. But you’ll remember it pretty quickly. And really programming is more about learning the core concepts. The specific details of the language are easy to look up. (To this day, I can’t remember which is which between slice and splice.)

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thanks Kevin. i dont want to keep bothering you but when you became a React developer, did you choose React or was that what you were best at? or enjoyed the most? or simply was the best position available?

I kind of fell into React because that is what FCC was teaching. That being said, I really like it and think it makes sense. It was weird at first and took a while to wrap my head around, especially when adding Redux, but I like it.

Redux is by far the most confusing thing that i have encourned in ALL of the free code camp chapters so far. Seems like there is so much boiler plate to remember. Im sure its super useful though, just was one of the biggest things i struggled with so far.

Thanks Kevin for the insights

Yeah, it’s weird, but once you get it, paired with React, it can work magic.

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