Worsening eyesight

Anyone starting to struggle with their eyesight?

I’ve always spent hours and hours per day on the computer, for years, and I think my eyes have fared quite well despite this (though I am only 18 so we’ll see how this goes).

However, now that I’ve started to code more and am spending even more time on the computer, my eyesight is noticeable blurrier. This is really worrying me because I don’t want to imagine what it’s going to be like in a couple of years, even decades! My eyesight is extremely important to me.

What techniques, if any, are you guys using to keep your eyes as healthy as possible?

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Go speak to an optometrist/doctor. I’ve been using computers loads for 20 years and do not have the symptoms you describe - it may not be computer related. It very well might be, of course, but you need professional advice about this. Like you said, your eyes are pretty important, so I wouldn’t trust them to the collective wisdom of fellow campers :wink:

Doctors say my eyes are healthy, and computer strain might worsen my eyesight. Pretty standard I suppose.

Your case gives me hope!

Hi, i use F.lux and two monitors of 22" (anti-glare, flicker safe and a large font size). I try to avoid direct ligth in the monitor.

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f.lux is pretty cool, I use it too. I don’t know if it’s helping my eyesight but it’s definitely helped me go to sleep quicker.

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It might be that your eyes are just dry.

Dry eyes can feel really bad, and vision can be blurry if it is bad. This does not have to be permanent… Maybe see if you feel better when trying some standard eye-lubricating eye drops…

Look away from the screen often, close your eyes often, remember to blink and also practice looking at different things at different distances every so often during the day.

Dry eyes are a massive problem for me in the winter (completely fine in summer), no clue why it happens but they start stinging a lot, I get headaches etc. Maybe I’m just not made for cold weather!

Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

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I have dry eyes and F.lux (i think) is help me , also i use stylish add-on .

f.lux is incredible for evening coding, I imagine it’ll be a life saver in the winter. Just gotta remember to turn it off for anything to do with photo editing or colours!

Go to an optician if you haven’t already. I always assumed I had good eyesight, but I started to get headaches when at the computer for a long time or driving long distance, turned out I actually needed glasses. Not strong at all, I can still read books or see TV subtitles okay without them, but they take the strain away hugely.

Thera Tears, you can get them at Walmart, they’re great eye drops. I’ve notice computer glasses help with tension headaches. For me, only my right eye gave me problems, sometimes I’m nearly blind out of it. But with the Thera Tears and glasses, it’s almost back to normal now. Also, about every 20 minutes, stare at something far away for about 20 seconds. Sometimes, it’s not the computer screen, but just the constant close up reading.

It is better you consult an eye specialist as soon as possible. Even I spent hours in front of the computer. I had blurred vision ad I thought that it could be short-sightedness. But when I had my eyes tested, my eyes were healthy I had no vision problem. The problem was actually dry eyes. I used tear drops but I had to depend on it every day. So I had undergone a dry eye treatment in Toronto. Now I have no issues with my vision.