Would appreciate if someone can help me fixing and improvising my about me content VOCABS?

So, you know my name… :slight_smile: don’t worry there is more. I am from India. I am into gaming, music and dancing. Oh did I tell you; Once upon a time I was also a Dance Trainer and owned a Dance studio. And I have 6 months of Experience working as JAVA Developer. Besides all the dancing, some people might be thinking like how I ended up working on codes developing websites and java application. You got me there, actually I was also thinking the same initially for parents, then for money, and I don’t know how but I came to realization that it is my hard core passion. Sometimes when I start coding 12 hours pass by and I feel like it’s just an hour.

  So, what's special about me? You can say I have all those general qualities like how to be a team player, how to be interactive (Secret: - I am an extrovert), and most importantly how to be passionate about my own work. Right, So What do I know well below are my respective skill sets :).

Thanks in advance