Would appreciate some feedback for tribute page

Before submitting I would appreciate some feedback for my tribute page for Isabella Bird.

Isabella Bird


Looks good at both ~1300px and ~500px. Maybe add a credit to yourself at the bottom of the page? I think it looks great though- simple and straightforward.

Hello, it looks good, a nice and simple color scheme that gives your style. About the code I have nothing to say, it looks tidy and without any kind of bad habit.

Thanks, I like that … simple and straightforward.

Thanks, I don’t have a feeling for color schemes and design, so I’ll take nice and simple as a compliment, as is tidy code.

Hi there. I think you should use media queries on your footer. The padding is large in 500px width, I mean the whole box of footer.

Overall, your tribute page looks good :slight_smile:

Thanks, going to keep that in mind. It is too large because of the p-element and the extra padding of the footer element.