Would it be ok to ask for advice/insight for a non FCC project in this forum

Hi guys!

I volunteered to build a Wordpress website for my company. We’re a small creative agency, and normally when we need to build a website, we go to freelancers.

It’s not for a client, or paid. It’s internal, and just to showcase the company’s personality, and is a sister site to our main website.

I volunteered because I would really love to become the main web developer here. I currently work as on the business side (excel and all), so not web dev related at all :stuck_out_tongue:

I just need advice/insight on how to achieve their homepage layout. I built it with grid, and I guess it looks fine, but it’s not showing up on Safari… then I tried masonry js, and the content gets rearranged everytime I resize the browser.

I would love to share it and get feedback just because I’ve been stuck since last week. But only if it’s appropriate to share in here (I hope so! :slight_smile: )

Thanks in advance

You’re welcome to come here for help or advice for non-FCC projects (as long as it’s relevant to the general topic… We can’t help you with your taxes).

Thanks Ariel!! Should I post it here and continue this thread, or make a new post in the Help section?

And no worries, I use TurboTax for that :smile:

Go ahead and create a new topic for your question.