Would like someone to tell what I am doing wrong

So I have only started coding a few days ago and have begun to work on the tribute project.
I would like some feedback on it because I know there were a lot ways I could have gone around things to make it easier. So I would appreciate if someone can point me to the right direction.

Where it is: https://codepen.io/thejason360noscope/pen/MXPbBJ

First register you pen account

lol my bad but it just won’t send me the verification
guess i am gunna have to contact support

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  1. link tags need be within head tag but not within the body. I mean always.

  1. You have an issue with tag nesting. In this case your a close before closing all nested divs.
    Your scheme is :
    --------< /div>
    --------< /a>!!!wrong nesting

The same issue is here:

Read W3C article about HTML Elements.

  1. You have items of a list but no list. You need declare ul or ol tages and within it create list items.
    Read W3C arting about lists HTML List.

  2. To make a link with a text you have to wrap a the text with a tag. But your text is not a link. You have a text and the empty link inside of it.

I think you have to dive deeper into HTML. Make some simple elements like lists, links, text, text within a link, img within a link etc. And then try to combine elements to any page you’d like with “lorem ipsum” text. After that fill in your text and images. When you did it you can use CSS to make your page more beautiful. But without correct structure of the HTML you can’t get good webpage.

Stay tuned and have a nice code.

Thank you Frank.
Number 4 was done purposely because i just wanted the id="" in there for the project due to already having the link used already. I don’t think that should be done but i did for the sake of finishing the goals inside the tasks

I appreciate your advice so i think i will study html again to get more in depth knowledge of it.