Would like tips for CSS projects for beginners

Hi! I’m new at FreeCodeCamp and i would like CSS projects for beginners.

I thank everyone :smiley:


Click this link below , It might be helpful ;
Click Here

there might be a bit difficult projects too , but it will help you to learn more.

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I like to watch online tutorials for pure CSS projects. That helps me a lot.

If you are interested, this guy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbwXnUipZsLfUckBPsC7Jog is really good. I hope you have a good time with CSS! It’s lots of fun! Happy coding!

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This channel is really good thanks for sharing :hugs:

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Make a navigation bar.

Center text horizontally in a div.

Use padding and margin to align the various elements so they line up nicely.

Remove the bullets in front of a list.

Remove the underline on links.

Make a large hero page using the background: url(‘image.jpg’) property.

Put a button in front of that image.

Make the button navigate you to the bottom of the site, where you’ve created a form. The inputs of the form are aligned.

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