Would like to get a Feedback on my Tribute page

Nice try! I would,

Center all your contents to the middle for better readability.
Consider using paddings and margins to give them plenty of space to each other to make it feel not crammed.
Insert spaces between texts and hyperlinks.

Good luck!


Thanks a lot for your feedback…

Shim I have just made some changes as you suggested for me…look into if you have time and let me know …I have changed some… and still it is work in progress …& I greatly appreciate you help …tnx

Cool, it’s getting better.

Try to center them properly. For example,

Your h1 element Nelson Mandela can be centered by deleting its display:inline property and margin: 29%.

Try to make rest of the content centered following similar technique.

thanks…I will …I greatly do appreciate your feedback shim!