Would love some feedback on my just finished portfolio page

Hey guys! Can you please give me some feedback on my portfolio page? I’m still not sure about the text, but I think the page is close to being finished. Thank you!




What a cool page you make! Congrats. Like it minimal and simple but looks good!

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Great job!! Really modern implementation of a portfolio page, I love it!

I have one thing I would like to mention from a usability and semantics perspective. :slight_smile: You typically want to avoid using the nav bar for other things than its main task: navigate through the website. So instead of linking the contact link in the nav bar directly to your email address, you could link it to the part at the bottom where you also put a link to your email address. Alternatively, you could change the contact link in the nav bar into a button, so that it’s obvious that it has another job than the navigation links.

But other than that, great job!!

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Great tip, thanks. I was wondering, where I can put some buttons :wink: