Would love some feedback on my Simon Game

Hello everybody!
After a lot of trouble, I think I am done with my Simon Game. I decided to design it a little differently to the normal Simon Game and have a butterfly instead of a board, I wanted something unique and this was all I could come up with. I had some bugs but I think I had gotten rid of them all, I have played several games of Simon and haven’t had any problems but if anyone finds any bugs that would be fantastic.

So yeah, here is my link https://codepen.io/PhillFlippy/full/zwJjgg/
all feedback is welcomed.

The butterfly is a very creative design. I never would have thought to do something like that in a million years. I would change “About” to something like “Instructions” or “Readme”, since no one would really know to click on the sun to get back to the menu unless they read that. About your counter, is it supposed to indicate the level like “level 1”, or is it an actually counter?

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Thankyou, that is very nice of you to say.

That is a good point about the About section, I will change that now.

The counter is to display the current level and how many total the user has to get right to go forward.