Would love to know your reviews on my work (Tribute Page)

I finished https://codepen.io/nimeshakya/pen/oNLaGVQ my first project (Tribute Page) according to the Curriculum.
I would really appreciate your reviews on my work.

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Hey @urfrenznimubro!

Congrats on your first project.

Just a few things.

  • I think the link at the bottom of the page should be blue so users know to click on it.

  • For codepen, you don’t need to include the html and head content. If you need to include that content then you can add it in the head section in the settings.

  • I ran your code through the html and css analyzer and there are a few issues that need your attention.

<!--attributes need double quotes not single-->
<div id='main'>
/*Duplicate margins*/
  margin: 0 auto;
  margin: 2rem; /*rem and em are used for font sizes not margin*/

Good job on your project!

Keep up the good work!

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Hi @urfrenznimubro. Your tribute page looks good.
Here are some of my opinions:

  • Add a little bit of margin above and below the headings and image
  • Centre align the text in the footer
  • Make the paragraph a little bit bigger for easier reading

Anyway, great job. I like it :+1:

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Thank you for your reviews.
I’ll keep up the good work.


Your page looks good @urfrenznimubro. Some things to revisit;

Hey @urfrenznimubro. Your page looks good. :slight_smile:

Just a minor thing. As far as I know, you should provide an alt attribute for the img element not the div element.

Thank you all for your reviews…
I’ll work on improving :slightly_smiling_face: