Would my plan work?

Hi all! I’m new to FCC and excited to get started. I have some knowledge in front end development as I’m currently taking another paid course on another website.

I’m currently also doing an embedded engineering course, but it’s requiring a lot of travel and it’s really expensive, and lately I haven’t been able to keep up with the expenses and the exhaustion it’s been causing me. That and the fact that lately I’ve been forcing myself to go because I’m simply not as interested in it as I am in web development.

So I’m considering quitting the embedded engineering course and focusing solely on web development, focusing on FCC for the next few months. My plan is to eventually build a portfolio website and showcase my FCC projects once I’m done with the front end certificate, and to start applying to front end development jobs while still continuing with the rest of the material on this site.

I came to the forum to ask for some advice, but I saw the first few posts were actually about people who got their first web dev job thanks to FCC! I have the passion to get through the material, but I just want to know if my plan would work. Do you guys think I should quit the embedded course and put all my effort in web development and FCC?

Thanks in advance.

Do you really like the engineering course? Is it a college degree or do you have one already? If you really like engineering, or you don’t have a college degree, I think it would still be useful. Also, how much time is left? A year, two years, three? If its shorter and you like it and almost done, I would finish it simply because the degree and soft skills will help you, and just do FCC on the side (you could do the front and back-end sections in a year if you put in about 10-15 hours per week).

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I have a college degree, or to be more exact, a college diploma, if this makes any sense at all. In my country there’s a 2 year program called “practical software engineering”, so that’s what I’ve studied.

I have about 5-6 months left, about two thirds of the course. I’ve eventually decided to quit the course as I find web development much more interesting and I want to be distracted from it, I wish to put all my effort into it for now. Told the manager of the college today, will get an answer if they’ll refund anything soon. To be honest they’re trying to persuade me to stay, but I don’t know, the travels and expenses are just too much. I’m left with almost no time for anything else, which will hinder my progress with web development.

But I’ve read that many people find jobs during or at the end of the front end section. I’m certainly planning on going through all of the material, but would like to start applying at the end of the front end section.

I mean waiting for finish the entire program to start applying could take years… I’m planning to do my own projects on the side in addition to FCC and start applying when I finish the front end section. In addition to those projects, I also got an opportunity to work on a small website, and may have an opportunity for two additional projects for people I know that want websites, but don’t wish to jump at it until I’m ready. Do you think those extra projects might help?

In my personal opinion, it could be done. But you would want to REALLY work those projects. There is a world of difference between coding up one of the FCC challenges, and deploying a production ready application to a server. If you are dedicated to this, then try building the front end projects as production ready apps. Store the source on GitHub, bundle your modules with Webpack, push your app to Heroku. Get used to all of the tools that you’ll be expected to know intimately, such as Git and NPM.

I would say that if you did the front end projects in the way that you are expected to do them, i.e just writing a small bit of HTML, CSS and JS in CodePen, you probably won’t be ready for a developer job. I would also recommend sticking out college, not that it’s any of my business, but at the end of the day 6 months isn’t a very long time and its an awful lot shorter than the 18 months you wasted if you drop out now.


Oh, I’m sorry, I apparently wasn’t clear enough about the length of the course. The course is about 8 months long in total, and I’ve been doing it for about 2 months. And it’s not exactly a college, it’s just a course. I will get a certificate at the end but not a degree. It’s mostly the long travels and the expenses I’m unable to cope with anymore that made me want to quit.

I’m really confused. I’ve already decided to quit and talked to the manager today. I’m really interested in web development, but I don’t wish to get disappointed at the end and not be able to find a job, even though so far I’m really dedicated to it and enjoying the learning process a lot. I would also like to start a B.Sc. in Computer Science soon, which I believe would be more valuable at the end than the course I’m doing now.

To be honest I don’t wish to stay stuck doing low wage jobs, and I started the course I’m doing now out of pure desperation, but with web development the case is different. I started it because I like it. This is what I’d like to do for a living, and it just happens to not be a low wage job. I really hope it’s possible to eventually get a job working on the FCC projects (and making them production ready), in addition to other personal projects.

Thank you for the reply.

Sometimes when you read deeper into these happy stories, you see that a person actually was a great designer before going for web-development, or had years of experience in other programming fields. Good for them, of course, but you shouldn’t count on getting a job just after finishing front-end. On the other hand, if your engineering course is expensive and is just a course not degree, then maybe it’s worth to leave it for web-development.

@svmi3195 Then perhaps it’s best if I stop hoping too much. I mean on the one hand I want a good paying job that I like and want to improve my life, but on the other, to be honest it sounds to me it’s really so hard to get there. I don’t wish to stay stuck working in fast food earning minimum wage or very low wages.

The course is indeed expensive and it’s not a degree. I’ve already decided to quit in favor of web development, but I badly want to succeed, and to be honest it seems I’m indeed being too hopeful.

As for the experience part, I’m not entirely new to coding. I studied software engineering for two years (diploma), so hopefully this will help a little.

Same story here…just quit my job to dedicate myself 110% to “coding”. Beside FCC, I m attending a paid boot camp Full Stack…by myself, I m investing also in web UI / UX and Mobile app… time frame 3 months to finish Full Stack (I m almost over Front End)…one year to complete the rest.
Here in Europe, with the flexibility to move, there should be opportunities…to put the foot on the door, I am even considering jobs that requires coding as side requirement… every related experience would be good.