Would really appreciate feedback on 1st project - realise you must get a million of these!

Project link : https://codepen.io/bdurrant91/pen/abvMRPo

Would be ever so grateful for feedback, as I’m just getting started and it’s all a bit daunting!

Many thanks,

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its amazing & good start, well best of luck.

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Thank you - appreciate it!

Hey, very nice job, especially for your first project. Just a few suggestions:

  • I think the headings need a little fixing. The h1 is fine, but technically the h2 should not be a heading. A heading is used to create/introduce a section of content. There really is no content between the current h2 and your next heading (h3), just an image (which isn’t really content). So you have a few choices here:
    • make the h2 a <p>
    • add the h2 text to the h1
  • And then the h3 should be changed to an h2
  • The h4 is not a heading, so it should be changed to a <p>.
  • Speaking of that last sentence, the link text needs to be a little more descriptive (i.e. needs to include his name). Consider changing the sentence to something like:
    “Be sure to check out Franco Corelli’s Opera Wire Artist Profile to learn more about this amazing singer.”
    Where ‘Franco Corelli’s Opera Wire Artist Profile’ would be the link.
  • Good use of the figure and figcaption tags. But don’t use <i> to create italics, use the CSS font-style property instead. The <i> tag still has its use, but not just because you want something italic.
  • Speaking of italics, you have all content in italics. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not an artist, so far be it for me to second guess styling choices, but I think that italics make the font much harder to read (at least for some people). Also, they are usually reserved for special instances. Using italics for everything sort of has that same feel as typing normal conversation in all caps. But maybe that’s just me.
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Thank you so much - I’ll definitely have a look over these points!

I’ve used the rest of my day to complete the second challenge (survey form). Would appreciate it if you could have a look: https://codepen.io/bdurrant91/pen/QWjoPVK

Hey, I’ll take a look at it, but I think you should create a separate post for it first so that everyone knows about it.

Will do that. Thanks

Just a quick first impression. It feels a little squished to me. You’ve got all this horizontal room and you’re trying to fit the form into a narrow valley in the middle. When I narrow my browser enough to hit the break point then the form widens out enough to look more comfortable. I think you need to keep this wide format for the wider view port as well.

Also, I think most people would expect the radio button/check boxes to be on the same line as the label text.

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