Would really appreciate feedback on my projects so far!

Hello everyone!
Still very new to programming, started on this new journey in late June 19’. I know I have a looong way to go still but I have some projects I’ve worked on these past few months that I would really appreciate any feedback on.
I am finishing up the last project (on the first section) on freecodecamp.com, after jumping ahead to JavaScript, and then realized I better finish the Responsive Web Design section first!

Tribute page : https://codepen.io/mgaytan/pen/OKLKob
Product landing page: https://codepen.io/mgaytan/pen/PMwZGM
Survey form: https://codepen.io/mgaytan/pen/mZZvRL
Blackjack game: https://codepen.io/mgaytan/pen/BaawWgY

The blackjack game was part of a course I took on pluralsight.com. I had a lot of help with the JavaScript and still did not quite grasp everything we covered!:worried:

They look very nice. Just be careful with background images reducing text visibility.

Thank you for the feedback! Is there a certain way to style the background or text color so that I never have text visibility issues? I seem to always second guess myself when it comes to that and I end up spending a lot of time changing the background images or text color, before I find something I think looks good together.