Would this work for challenge card counter?

I just want to see if I understood the concepts enough to make it work, I know it is not accepted as a format

var count = 0;

function cc(card) {

  // Only change code below this line

  switch (card) {

    case 2:

    case 3:

    case 4:

    case 5:

    case 6:




    case 10:

    case "J":

    case "Q":

    case "K":

    case "A":




  switch (count){

    case count > 0:

      return count + "Bet";


    default :

      count + "Hold";



  // Only change code above this line


cc(2); cc(3); cc(7); cc('K'); cc('A');

You will write a card counting function. It will receive a card parameter, which can be a number or a string, and increment or decrement the global count variable according to the card’s value (see table). The function will then return a string with the current count and the string Bet if the count is positive, or Hold if the count is zero or negative. The current count and the player’s decision ( Bet or Hold ) should be separated by a single space.

Example Outputs: -3 Hold or 5 Bet

Do NOT reset count to 0 when value is 7, 8, or 9.
Do NOT return an array.
Do NOT include quotes (single or double) in the output.

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The switch for the card looks good.

This is going to cause a problem for you.

The cases must be exact values that match the value in count here

switch (count)

I’d just use an if-else here. You can bully a switch into acting like an if-else, but it’s not as clear as just using if-else.

Thank you! The last few sections have been switches so I was trying to keep using it in the same way to reinforce the pattern.

When I change it to

case count: 

It makes the bet lines work, but breaks the hold lines?

I’d try to get it to work with an if-else first. Then we can talk about how/if it could be made into a switch.

if (count > 0 ) {
return count + " Bet";
} else {
return count + " Hold";

Now, you can make a switch do a same thing, but it’s ugly.

switch (true) {
  case count > 0:
    return "this is bad";
  case count <= 0:
    return "please don't";

It’s just a convoluted if-else though. Just use an if-else.

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