Would this work?

Someone had a problem and I was brainstorming how to solve it, using the tools I have.

Problem: Make a link editor on a simple website for a tech-illiterate person. A form that would accept a name and a href and output it on the site.

My proposed solution:

*html index file with form. Two input fields, name and href.
use javascript to create an xmlHttpRequest to send the name and href to…
*…a php file. the php file will create a new file with the name and link on it.
*the new file’s location will be sent back to the original index file by the xmlHttpRequest. the javascript will then update the index file with the name/link.
*onload, the index file will send a request to the php file to update all the new links. Each time the user makes a new link, it’s sent to a new file (or updates the php file) and is sent back to the user.