Would you hire me?

I’ve taken the past few months off to travel as well as dedicate myself to learning web design. My trip is coming to an end shortly and I’ll be returning home and looking for work again.

I’ve completed the front end certification and am just starting the back end now. I’m still very green but I think I could be a great asset to the right company. I’ve been job hopping for 10 years and am quite sick of it. I’m far more passionate about this than anything else I’ve ever done.

My biggest strength is that I will continue working at this even if I have have a ton of lousy interviews, I enjoy the creative process too much. In the short term though I want to do everything I can to find relevant work. If I could learn on the job I know I’d learn so much faster.

This is my portfolio: http://ddryburugh.com I’d appreciate it if I could have some feedback. Is it enticing enough to get me to an interview in your opinion? Where can I do better?

Note: there’s an obvious typo in my about that has been corrected, it just hasn’t been updated on the server yet. Also I’m aware that the link to linkedin is not currently functioning.

Check your site:

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Yes I would Doug, if I had a company or funds. @jenovs good links, optimize you photos and improve speed of your sites. Markup should be valid true but in some cases that wont be such an issue. Yes mate you are creative and go with the flow I can only state maybe some technical tips like ; optimize your photos to speed up site loading, when you have gallery use paging or do so called lazy loading where you can load as much as photos that can fit into screen and when user hit bottom load next batch. FTP is not a real skill unless you know protocol inside out, skill would be more like Website Deployment and Hosting. All in all I wish I was on that trip with you, judged by you photos of girls I would have a good time :slight_smile: You are creative all in all and need to brush up some professional techniques to apply for web designer. My advice is to make first your own templates and then build 10 sites which look decent and go for the job. With right portfolio it is just a matter of time :slight_smile:

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@jenovs very useful links, thank you!

@mirkoacimovic Good point about the photos, I started to forget about loading times since they are chached/hosted on my machine. I will update the FTP part also. Thanks for the input!

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So I asked a friend for some feedback on my page and I think her answers would be helpful for other people reading this.

She said it looks like I’ve done a great job completing my projects and also that my portfolio page looks like it arrived in a time machine from a decade ago. She said it was distracting, and if you want to market yourself as a front end dev I’d have to update it to something more current. She provided this link for inspiration: https://www.themuse.com/advice/the-35-best-personal-websites-weve-ever-seen

This kind of feedback, while not necessarily what I was hoping to hear is by far the most valuable. I’m not planning to immediately jump into a portfolio redesign yet though. I’ve started a Udemy course to help me understand some back end concepts as I felt a little lost with being thrown into the FCC material. I want to continue expanding my knowledge, and make myself more well rounded. In time, (and especially when my skills have advanced), I’ll re-design the portfolio. For now I think it’s important to keep moving forward, and perhaps a potential employer will see that dedication and decide to overlook a dated design.

Relax and make your ideas flow, don’t put so much pressure on landing a job. Original creativity and constant effort will get you where you wanna be, but in time. I’m here to help you if you have any questions I’m capable of answer - feel free to ask.
BTW. we can collaborate on a project if you wish :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your kind words. I would love to work on something together, I think that would be great practice!

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Cool Doug, I love collaboration and learning from each other. You can think about some interesting project and I will I also think of one and we can put it on github. I have some ideas and if you have some we can consider what to start. For now I have Bookstore E-Commerce web site and Computer Hardware - buid your own configuration app. I dont know NodeJS still so for backend we can use PHP. We can agree on details but no money is involved. We can build site or app gradually then see how it goes… I have some experience in project management and we can split whatever we make into small tasks which each of us will work on… Anyway tell me what you think and any ideas of your own :slight_smile:

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Hi Doug. From your website I certainly get the message that you are a motivated self-starter, and that you have a good eye for design.

As an employer, I’d want to know about your ability to analyze a client’s needs, communicate clearly, and work on deadline. Right now your website is weighted more toward describing your own interests.

If you can show an understanding of different kinds of clients and how their needs may vary, I think it would make you more appealing as a potential employee.

Often people don’t even realize what they need, or don’t know what solutions exist-- and then there’s the massive language barrier between programmers and writers/ editors in media… Personally, I want to work with someone who is responsive, knows how to talk to non-programmers, and can suggest things I hadn’t thought of before. I suppose that means strong familiarity w/ your target industry (news media? small business? game developers?)

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That is excellent advice, and I really appreciate it. I am going to think about how I can incorporate/demonstrate some of those points into my portfolio.

Also, I figured I should update as I’ve redesigned my portfolio to make it look much more modern. Check it out here: http://ddryburugh.com/

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Nice portfolio change I like it, except color :slight_smile: Well, that is a personal preference. I have contacted you on linkedin so if you wish and wanna get started we can talk. However I see that potential employeers is poping up so if someone offers job or money go for it. I’m working as developer (you can see it on linkedin) so we can occasionally work on project/projects as we agree. It would surely bring you lots of new insights and it will look good in your CV ::slight_smile: Anyway, Im here so ping me if this sounds ok with you and potential employeer dont open wallets :wink:

I’ve had similar comments about the color! I’ll be playing around with that a bit more yet! Thanks for the add :slight_smile:

Wow it looks like we live close enough to one another to be competing for jobs! Your portfolio looks pretty good, doesn’t blow my mind but still seems professional and I probably would consider hiring you if I was in a hiring position. Adding a favicon would make your portfolio 1% better.

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If an easy fix like an icon is worth 1% then I’ll definitely get on that! If we’re that close we should meet up for a coffee sometime :slight_smile: