¿Would you like my portfolio?

Just days before starting in freecodecamp, I finished my portfolio. I would greatly appreciate your opinion, especially with things you do not like. I would be very useful for future improvements.

Thank you!

Just says 404 not found.

Sorry, Would you try again? http://gemaderus.com/

Hi there,its worked this time. I’m unable to give an experienced review of your portfolio as im just started learning myself and was only looking to get an idea of how portfolio’s can be set out,it does look very good though.
Good luck.

Hola paisana!!

I would speak in english as we are in an english community. I really like your portafolio, but I think you should use a bit more of animations or jquery just to show your talent.

Take into account that your portafolio is the tool that you will use for others to see which are your skills.

Using jquery doesn’t necesarily means that you have to do something very complicated or sophisticated, in fact your web is simple but great!

I really like your website design.



Spanish people here!! You are right, I need more jquery, more effects. I want to animate the menu mobile and I will think what else to do with jquery.

Thank you so much!!

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Thank you! Whatever you need, here I am.

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