Would you mind reviewing my new website?

Hello everyone,

I was working on my new website for almost a week from now & finally I am ready to launch (feeling relaxed).

Please take a few minutes to check it out and provide me with your opinions so that I can work on it and yes if find it useful than don’t forgot to share on social media with your friends.

URL: https://myfirstsite.net

Waiting for your comments.

Thank You!

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Everything looks in order in terms of design, however, the logo is off in style a bit. Great job building the site.

Thanks! Current logo is temporary, you will see a new one soon. Please consider sharing if you found my guide useful.

Very good website, nice design.

Some of your content needs to be corrected for grammar & syntax. For example: “Next thing you need to decide when starting a website is what site building platform you’re going to use, if any.” should be “The next thing you need to decide when starting a website is which site building platform you’re going to use, if any”. I noticed that you omit the word “the” too frequently, you need to add it to every sentence that needs it.

You also have a lot of capitalization errors and inconsistencies that also need to be fixed. For example: “Step #1: Choose your website Platform”. Why is “Platform” capitalized when the other words aren’t? Either capitalize every word, or only capitalize “Choose” so it says “Choose your website platform”. Be consistent so it’s not confusing for readers, and so that your content becomes trustworthy—if any of the English content on your page isn’t 100% impeccable, then some readers may be unlikely to trust your content.

Basically, you have a lot of English errors on the page, which should all be fixed before the site is launched.

There are also a lot of errors in your HTML code which should also be fixed before launch, you can use the W3C Validator to find them: https://validator.w3.org/

Thank You! Guys like you keep me motivated.

Thank You for a detailed review, will fix it ASAP