Would you please have a look at my code and offer any suggestions for improvements?

Hey, great job! If you change the subforum to ‘codefeedback’ you may receive more responses though.

I haven’t got much experience, but maybe try identing your HTML to something like this:

  <img ...>

When nesting elements try to have the opening and closing tag of the container on the same vertical line.

And check that if I redimension the window where I have opened the project I get a horizontal scroll, try getting rid of that as well.

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Thank you so much! Would you mind telling me how to get rid of that horizontal scroll? :sweat_smile:

Your page is getting horizontal scroll because of .pic-capt { width: 900px;}, on-screen size less than 900px is causing horizontal scroll because px is an absolute length unit.

Change .pic-capt { width: auto;} No horizontal scroll anymore.

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I am really grateful to you. :smile:

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