Would you rather: Node.js or React Native?

Alright, i’m coming up on my winter break and looking forward to having extra time to dedicate to coding. I’m planing on buying a Udemy course to help keep myself busy so my question to you all is: which would you choose, a course on react native or node and why?

my current thoughts:
Node: I’m in the middle of the backend development cert right now (I’ve done the API projects but currently struggling through the server side stuff for the first full-stack app). Getting a better understanding of node would probably help me progress on FCC the most and after I finish backend I will have all three certifications! Also serverside/database stuff is definitely a weakness for me and I know I would learn a ton!

React Native: I love react/redux and the idea of doing something different and hacking together some mobile apps sounds fun. It might be useful to take a break from FCC for a bit and just feel free to mess around and not work on anything too serious.

I’m torn, curious to hear what you guys are most interested in!

Well what do you find most enjoyable? Do you like what goes on behind the scenes of websites like validation services or does seeing things update via 2 way data binding strike your fancy?

Not to be a stickler but react is one way data binding. Also I can’t decide, that’s why I asked. I enjoy hearing about what other people are interested in!

I’d second Node. I fully understand your want to stretch your legs and take on something new for a bit, but you really ought to have those certs out of the way. Plus, mobile apps aren’t worth much if you don’t have a great server side app to go with it.


oops my bad for some reason when I saw react I was thinking angular

Yea I decided to go with node. As much as react native sounds mildly interesting, learning node is server stuff has so much more longevity that learning the hottest tech. I’m looking forward to it, hopefully I can finish some of the full stack apps!

i lets learn nidejs for backend