Wow, I'm done guys. Portfolio Review pls

Hey guys.
I would like to let you know that I’ve just completed my final project in the “Responsive Web Design” Certification.
I’m so thrilled of having gone this far and I believe there’s more to come.
Anticipating my Certificate :grinning:
Moving now unto Javascript
Here’s the link

looks good,
very colorful , probably too much for my own taste :laughing:

the footer part… probably need a bit more contrast
and the images need to be optimized to reduce its size

other than that… Congratz!!! keep going!

You’ve done a really great job on this! I think you’ve got some really good graphic design instincts and skills. your image choices are also good and suit the project well…

I love the use of script font and sans serif font! I feel you’ve got a really good eye for fonts that work together nicely.

Your about me section looks great too! The layout is visually pleasing and that background image compliments it nicely.

Your footer links using social icons is a really nice touch. It looks professional and makes it easy to find where you are online.

I think this is a really strong project submission and congratulations!

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Thanks for the review

Thanks for the reply.
I’m happy you loved it

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Looks Awesome! :smiley:
maybe height:100vh ?