WP plugin equivalent for hand coded sites

Hi guys,

I’ve been building sites for clients using Wordpress and various drag and drop editors on a freelance basis for about half a year now, but have recently decided that I want to learn everything necessary to become a full stack developer.

I’ve worked on sites where there’s been a variety of features needed, like a members area for Online course that tracks progress and answers etc. As you can imagine I used a Wordpress plugin to achieve this for the client.

My question is: is there a similar thing that can be used for sites that we build from scratch, like a block of code that app developers provide for us to put on our sites, or by choosing to learn full stack development, am I going down the road of building these sorts of things myself?

I know this is probably a very basic question but google isn’t giving me relevant search results :sweat_smile:

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For plugins, us developers have libraries that we can implement to our site. For example, I can choose to create a form submission server from scratch, or use a library that connects to a Database to help me.

Then you could also use iFrame’s.

There is alot to full stack development.

FreeCodeCamp curriculum can help you get started on this track.

You could start with Bootstrap Studio (which is paid), which will let you start learning HTML and CSS. It’s kinda like drag and drop.

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Thank you very much, that has put my mind at ease. I know I have a lot to learn yet, but I was worried I’d be able to offer less to my clients, by teaching msyelf more- if that makes sense :sweat_smile:.