Wrapping * elements within media queries

My code didn’t pass as correct!

@media (prefers-reduced-motion) {

  • {

scroll-behavior: smooth;



Challenge: Step 66

Link to the challenge:

Hihi! I got tripped up on this on too!

It wants:

@media (prefers-reduced-motion: no-preference) {
scroll-behavior: smooth;



Which was hinted at, but not explained well at all in the lesson, or in any of the previous lessons

let me try this… Thanks alot… really appreciate

worked like magic, thank you very much

no problem at all! I found the solution by searching the forum when I was having issues figuring it out by google so I’m still not sure how we are supposed to know that’s how that works but

now we do I guess haha

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I searched google and I couldn’t get any satisfactory response… thanks for the relief… hope you don’t mind if I ask to be your study buddy

I don’t mind helping when people come across issues!

Thanks for this. It’s so frustrating to be asked things that they forgot to explain.


it’s super odd that it’s no where mentioned, because usually the lessons are really good about it tbh

but even google wasn’t a ton of help when I tried to use it and I’m usually pretty good at searching things lmao

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