Write Concise Declarative Functions with ES6

// change code below this line
const bicycle = {
  gear: 2,
  setGear(newGear) {
    "use strict";
    this.gear = newGear;
    return newGear;
// change code above this line
var {gear}=bicycle;
console.log(gear) // returns 48
// The question is whether could destruct like "var {setGear}=bicycle;" using and getting results of newGear

…actually it doesn’t work . could any one here help me to do ths.

I am not sure what exactly you want to achieve. If you destruct the method and invoke it like a general function, it won’t behave normally because the this will default to either undefined or the global object (depending on whether you use “use strict”), not the bicycle object which has the property gear.

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