Write Your First Code Using C#

Unable to verify the write your first code using C. i completed the module, however I haven’t got the trophy? can anyone help me locate it or figure out what I’m doing wrong?

Please see the existing post: [COLLATION]: Microsoft C# Username/Trophy Error

I just completed the entire curriculum to earn the trophy in order to be qualified for the certification, however upon completing said courses I still have not received my tropy. This is a complete and total scam! DO NOT DO THIS!

We can help you fix any technical issues you are having claiming the trophy if you talk to us. Unfortunately, since this course is brand new, there have been some technical issues we are still ironing out.

This is definitely not a scam and people have managed to successfully receive their trophies.

Did you try the suggestions in this thread as was suggested to you here? The suggested thread is a great place to get help.

yes I did EVERYTHING as requested. you can go look at my history and tell. I do not have the trophy but I have the badges.

Your post history is only this thread and one about the HTML curriculum.

You didn’t follow these instructions in the linked thread:


If you are still experiencing this issue after using the correct URL, please reply below with steps to reproduce.

Please confirm you have completed the necessary module on Microsoft’s learn platform.

DO NOT share your Microsoft URL, as this can only be used to link one account.