Write Your First Code Using C#

My transcript link is not accepted nor is there a create/share link on the page we are redirected too to find said link

Welcome to the community!

If you qualified for the trophy, it should be in your transcript achievements.
The original link we receive, if compared with what freeCodeCamp is expecting to have submitted, is different. The link received does not have the transcript id in it.

There is a place in the transcript area to create a new link to share with freeCodeCamp. I clicked on my trophy to go there, and created a new link, which did include my transcript id. With this, I was able to submit my achievement verification to freeCodeCamp.
I had to do that, and it worked.

One thing, if you have already shared your current link with anyone, once you create a new link, the current one will be void (not work). However, you can share the new link with them.

I hope this helps you!

Happy coding!:slight_smile: