Write Your First Code Using C#

I have linked my Microsoft Account but it wont let me verify the trophy

Check the link that you are trying to add to freeCodeCamp to see if it has the transcript id and user in it.
My one when I received my first trophy did not have that.
It is possible to make a new link on the transcription page. Important to know though, if you have provided the current one to anyone, it will not work after making the new link. You can share the new link, which will have the transcript id and user within it.

I hope this helps you!

Keep up your great progress! :slight_smile:

I’ve tried making a new link but it still doesnt work. It accepts that the link is in the right format but when i click verify it says “We were unable to verify your trophy from Microsoft’s learning platform”

Check to make sure you have the trophy @olakunle.jos - you should be able to see it when looking at the trophies area of your achievements page.

The trophy is not there

So you need to earn it @olakunle.jos. You can earn the “Write your first code using C#” trophy by completing all the modules at the bottom of this page. Which is what the freeCodeCamp challenges ask you to do. After completing each module at the bottom of that page, you will earn a badge. Earn the badge for all of those modules, and you will get the trophy.